As with all our bags, we tailor the size for each customer! We take your individual measurements and fit the bag to your body. We believe that comfort is the most important aspect of a great pack, helping you go faster and further.

The N°50 is our lightweight hike&fly competition backpack and is the best choice for light and fast adventure racing. Fits perfectly a lightweight wing with an inflatable pod-harness harness, helmet, instruments, snacks and spare jacket.

At only 595grams this pack is competing with the lightest on the market. However unlike many mass produced packs this is not achieved with components that won't last. The hybrid Dyneema fabric is THE strongest fabric for it's weight on the market. It's waterproof and allows for seams to be taped, increasing seam strength and weatherproofs the construction.

To further increase durability we've chosen to use high-grade aluminium buckles that won't easily crack or break like their plastic counterparts.

The x-fold roll-top makes for easy volume adjustment while keeping your gear dry and protected.

Big stretch pockets all around allow an easy access to jackets, hiking poles, snacks, a water bladder etc. The shoulder strap pockets fit a phone, a GPS or water bottles.

The shoulder straps and hip-belt are constructed from the highest quality closed cell EVAZOTE foam. This allows us to make slim and comfortable straps that doesn't absorb water.
Full length zipper and roll-top closure, for easy packing and adjustable volume
Weather resistant materials keep your gear safe
All bags are custom sized for an unparalleled fit
Handmade in our workshop in northern Sweden


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