Hi, my name is Elias...

I’m the founder and owner of Phainoma. I love the outdoors and the adventures I can find there. The search for these adventures takes me places I wouldn’t otherwise go. They put demands on my abilities, my judgement and my gear. They allow me to grow from the challenges I face and become better.

I always felt that gear I could rely on, allowed me to go further, to do more. That gear would become an extension of myself, and help me experience the world. I want equipment that enables me to see more places and experience more of the world. And isn’t that the point of it all anyway? To experience…

That’s why I started Phainoma. Through the years I’ve come to appreciate well designed equipment. Simple, light, strong and well fitting equipment. Gear that fades away from my attention and simply just does it’s job. Gear that allows me to experience the world and all the amazing things there is to find.

My aim is simple; Make the best gear possible… and then go explore!


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