N°32 v2 Big Game

As with all our bags, we can offer it custom tailored for you! You provide your measurements and we'll fit the bag to your body. We believe that fit is the most important aspect of a great pack, helping you go further with great comfort. You let us know what your preferred adventure is and we'll modify the design to better suit that purpose.

The N°32 v2 Big Game is based on our standard N°32 v2 but features modular carbon fibre frame to allow heavier loads. With a detachable main bag the packing options are numerous. Meat, antlers and rifle/bow can all be carried without having to tap into the volume of the main bag.

The bag is constructed from heavy duty PALStex fabric with a quick pull-to-open/pull-to-close cinch top closure to provide strong and easy access bag.

Our "Big Game Frame" is constructed from PALStex Cordura, high quality CURV™ carbon fibre, dense EVAZOTE foam and laminated Durastretch fabric for great comfort and weight transfer.

The shoulder straps and hip-belt is built from the ground up with the highest quality dual density closed cell EVAZOTE and CURV™ carbon fibre reinforcements . This allows us to make slim and comfortable straps that doesn't absorb water or compress over time. Great comfort with no excessive bulk!

We use metal buckles throughout the bag, industrial-grade aluminium that won't crack or break like the plastic counterparts.

Our bags are designed to be tough and dependable and we therefore use only the best materials available!
Zippered lid pocket for small items
Super durable materials made to withstands the elements
Custom sized for an unparalleled fit
Handmade to order in our workshop in northern Sweden




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