As with all our bags, it's tailor-made for you! We take your individual measurements and fit the bag to your body. We believe that comfort is the most important aspect of a great pack, helping you go faster and further. You let us know what you're preferred adventure is and we'll design the bag for just that.

This is the smallest pattern we currently offer and will make a great hike&fly backpack or a light weight hiking pack. It's the best choice for those truly light and fast adventures. Fits perfectly a light mountain wing or speedwing with a light string-harness, helmet and spare jacket.

The x-fold roll-top makes for easy volume adjustment while keeping your gear dry and protected.

Optional stretch pockets allow an easy access storage for jacket, hiking poles, snacks or a water bladder. Shoulder strap pockets will fit a phone, a GPS or water bottles.

The back panel is made with waterproof material to increase comfort and protect your gear from sweat and dirt.

The shoulder straps and hip-belt (optional) is constructed from the highest quality closed cell EVAZOTE foam. This allows us to make slim and comfortable straps that doesn't absorb water or compress over time.

All metal buckles as standard, made from high-grade aluminium that won't break if stepped on or if getting stuck in a car door. Or if you prefer, we have a selection of Fidlock magnetic buckles that are truly one-hand operational.
Optional full length zipper for easy packing.
Weather resistant materials keep your gear safe
All bags are custom sized for an unparalleled fit
Handmade in our workshop in northern Sweden


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